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If you don't put Safety First in your company, an accident will do it for you, and it will be a lot more expensive!

Erick Farruggia

Your Consultants

All our team members and independent contractors have many years of experience and training in Safety Compliance which is one of the main requirements to be part of Safety Achievement llc.

Erick Farruggia

Erick Farruggia

Erick started his career on Environmental Health and Safety in the landscape industry as a Safety Manger. As a corporate trainer, he developed programs in safety, technical skills and leadership capabilities.

For the last 7 years, he has been providing safety compliance inspections and safety training for the General Industry, Refineries and Construction. Erick has written several published articles about industrial safety.

In 2008 he founded Safety Achievement which become Safety Achievement LLC in early 2009, pursuing his dream of offering high quality services and affordable prices.

Recently Erick has become one of the first Cal-OSHA outreach trainers for the general industry; he is also an OSHA outreach trainer and an AHA trainer.

He has always been concerned about environment, health and safety. Erick was born in the Argentinean province of Santa Fe and began his college studies in biology at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina and completed his degree in Cytology in 1990.

Martin Torrea

Martin Torrea

Martin has been working in the safety industry as safety consultant since 2004. He has been providing safety trainings and thousands of safety compliance inspections for the general industry all over southern California.

His safety inspections has been a valuable tool for many companies that want to avoid Cal-OSHA citations. He is a very capable bilingual safety instructor.

Ronny Heredia

Martin Torrea

Ronny has been in the safety industry since 2002, since then, he has performed thousands of safety trainings and compliance inspections helping companies reduce their EMR (Experience Modification Rate) and save them from highly expensive insurance rates.

Ronny  has also worked in auto repair and in the detail industry which gives him the perfect background for the general industry .

Our Services:

Onsite Compliance Audits.

We will perform a formal documented safety inspection identifying hazards in the workplace.

Available inspections: Workplace safety inspection (form 118), Safety program audit (form 68) and Workplace dynamic safety inspection (form 1).

Employee Safety Training.

English/Spanish safety training

Safety Program

Lockout Tagout Procedures!

For one of the most common citations, we have the solution!

COMVERSA™ Safety Database

Our COMVERSA™ database for Microsoft® Access is an application that you can use keep track of your company safety program records.

Including: employee training records, accident records, safety inspections and documents.

Virtual University

Available to Safety Achievement LLC customers (July 2015)

Do you need an Injury and Illness Prevention Program?

We can help!


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Got Citations?

OSHA Representation Service

Affordable profesional service.

OSHA citation

We have successfully represented several companies and helped them reduce and/or remove their citations.

Employee Certifications

*CPR-AED-First AID training.

*Forklift Certification.

*Boomlift Certification

*Scissorlift Certification

*Confined Space Training

*Sexual Harrassment Training

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Online Audit Services

Comming in 2016!

Virtual University

A Contractor or Subcontractor can damage your business with their bad safety record.

Don't expose your company to an unwanted OSHA inspection because your contractor is an OSHA target.